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Kids Love Carl Weathers

Spotted in the claw machine of my local Steak n’ Shake: an officially licensed Apollo Creed plushie (seriously, the tag had a United Artists logo). Too bad he looks more like Michael Winslow. Man, if Michael Winslow had played Apollo Creed Rocky would have been one short-ass movie.

In a related story, yes, I know my phone is prehistoric.

Totally Sane Clown Posse

This gem was taken outside the American Clown Museum & School in Lake Placid, FL (click photo to experience full mirth). Not sure I’d want to study clowning in a state with such a severe humidity index but who am I to question the logic of these joyful grease-painted souls?

I Met The Batmobile

Here I am with Michael Keaton’s car from Batman Returns (or one of ‘em, anyway). It currently resides at the Tallahassee Automobile & Collectibles Museum, right next to Val Kilmer’s car from Batman Forever and directly in front of the fun cycle Adam West and Burt Ward used to tool around on in the ’60s. A fun place to visit, especially on Valentine’s Day. The place was empty. Guess most couples don’t find vintage Jeeps romantic.

P.S. Tallahassee is a cool town but if you have Mountain Dew dreams prepare yourself for their Mello Yello reality.


[Gratuitous Picture of Delta Burke Thursday]

Area Man Blogs For Alt Weekly

Keep your eye on Orlando Weekly’s blog section, for I am now a daily contributor. It’s only been a week and already I’ve managed to work cape buffalo into a story. Cape buffalo, I say. Your draconian rules of alt weekly-ing mean nothing to me. You can’t tame this fire.

Related: I am now living in Orlando. Hey, I’m as shocked as you are.

But I digress. For a (more or less) complete history of my freelance writing career dating all the way back to that wild and wooly year of 2005, scroll down to the JG2 OFF-WORLD menu on the right hand side of this page. If any of the links direct you to some nonsense that isn’t stuff I’ve written, I apologize. I can’t configure every known website to best benefit me.

ARSC Nominates This Music Leaves Stains For Award

The Association For Recorded Sound Collections has nominated my Misfits book This Music Leaves Stains for a 2014 ARSCy Award (that’s what they’re called, right?) for “Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research.” Apparently there’s a subcategory to that, like “Rock” or “Pop” or whatevz, but said classification hasn’t been announced yet (nor has a complete list of nominees).

What can I say? Turns out all our favorite celebrities weren’t lying—it actually is an honor just to be nominated. I’m plenty happy with that. Thank you, ARSC, appreciate it.

ARSCy Winners are announced in or by September…plenty of time to shop for a gown to wear to the fabulous awards gala. Gonna put BeyoncĂ© to shame, gonna make her wish she was never born.


The World’s Largest Bowling Pin

It’s real and it’s in Tampa and it’s spectacular. Couldn’ta knocked it over if I was Lou Ferrigno. Maybe coulda knocked it over if I was Lou Ferrigno in a bulldozer. Not that I really wanted to—this pin is an American treasure.


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