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속옷 양말 자유(감사합니다)

Christ’s Mass
always remember
where were you
when you found out
Seth Rogen


enjoy this box
of novelty cereal
you can
Seth Rogen

no nukes
4 Christ’s Mass
no flukes

Rogen/Franco 2016


[Gratuitous Picture of Delta Burke Thursday]

The Greatest Trick Spacey’s Hair Ever Pulled

It’s been nineteen years since The Usual Suspects came out, and the “Who is Keyser Söze?” debates have fallen dormant. So let us now attempt to unravel the mystery of Kevin Spacey’s hair in that movie. Is it a widow’s peak? Is it a fuckin’ devilock? I choose to believe the latter. Spacey is obvz a closet Misfits fan and this was his subtle tribute.

Alternate title for this post: YO I JUST WATCHED THIS OLD ASS MOVIE ON NETFLIX

Unsolicited Thoughts/Notes On 30 For 30: The Price Of Gold

– sometimes you read stories about our armed forces blasting heavy metal at foreign dictators to ferret them out of fortified compounds but what they really need to use is audio of Nancy Kerrigan reeling in pain during the aftermath of her 1994 attack; that unhinged wailing jostles the moorings of my soul

– Tonya Harding’s mom dressing like a nefarious super villain (mink stole and a parrot on her shoulder?) would be funny if she hadn’t been so terrible to her daughter in her youth

– whether or not you believe Harding was in on the pre-attack conspiracy I think we can all agree the men involved made the Sweathogs look like Rhodes Scholars

– if Harding masterminded the attack, what a shame she didn’t believe in her own talents (she’d already bested Kerrigan once in a World Championship); if Harding had nothing to do with the attack, what a shame she couldn’t put her issues with Kerrigan aside and reach out immediately to say, “Hey, I’m sorry, I married this clown but I want to make sure we’re square before things go any further” (Harding tried to apologize much later but Kerrigan made her talk to the hand ’cause the face wasn’t listenin’)

– the person my heart goes out to most in all of this is Michelle Kwan; Kwan won her right to compete in the ’94 Olympics by placing second in the U.S. Championships, but the ice skating powers that be decided Kerrigan would have clinched that spot had she not been clubbed…so they gave Kerrigan Kwan’s spot and sent Kwan to Norway as a non-competing alternate, which is a supremely shitty thing to do to a thirteen year old, if you ask me

– shady character Shawn Eckhardt (Harding’s bodyguard, now deceased) sort of resembled William Hootkins, the actor who played shady character Max Eckhardt in the first Batman; Shawn later changed his name to Brian Griffith, which is so very close to the name of portly “Family Guy” character Brian Griffin (whom he also sort of resembled)

– Harding’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly changed his name to Jeff Stone, which is boring as hell and robs us of our god-given right to enjoy the mirth that inherently surrounds “Gillooly”

– this documentary takes the high road, making no mention of the Tonya Harding sex tape or Harding’s “foxy” boxing bout against Paula Jones

Historic Artifact?

You know what this means: people were throwing their letters in that thing until they put the sign up. Guess they get a lot of overflow from 1921.

Signage spotted in the lobby of the Hampton Inn, downtown Chicago, where I am not staying. I need a hotel with a working mail chute!

No Dogs, No Dogs, And No Dogs

“I think, since you post so much about your family and how happy you are all the time, people would be really surprised if you had a status update that was a Vladimir Lenin quote…or, like, something about Reservoir Dogs.”

The woman’s eyes widened.

“I couldn’t even finish that movie!” She exclaimed. “I had to shut it off, it was too—”

“I want to see it!” interrupted her second grader, looking up from her book with a wide smile.

“You can’t.”


“There are no dogs in it,” her father stated matter-of-factly.

“What? Why would they give it a name like that then?” the child asked, still smiling but with a furrowed brow.

No one—not Mother, not Father, nor I the visiting satellite adult—could provide an answer. The conversation lurched elsewhere.

She can Google it in a few years, I thought.


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